Fleet and Asset Management

Keep track of your fleet and assets' location and movement with our fleet and asset management service. This service can save you time and money, reduce the risk of loss or theft, and expand your customer base.

Fleet Management

Manage vehicles with ease, increase productivity with location tracking and optimize fleet performance to get more done.

GPS Asset Tracking

Know exact location of equipment and other large investments. Analytics track and optimize operations' performance.

Vehicle Monitoring

Avoid unforeseen delays. Get crucial maintenance alerts and location services on single vehicles or small fleets.

Monitor & Control

With remote monitoring and mobile surveillance on our trusted network, you can observe and manage what is happening with your business from wherever it takes you - even "In the Middle of Anywhere". This service includes live footage streaming of worksites and the ability to keep track of conditions saving you time and labor costs.

Come visit us at Pine Tree Cellular, where the owner is in the store, and let us get to know you!!

Remote Sensors

Get actionable data like temperature, humidity, and water levels to make informed decisions from anywhere.


Monitor your worksites, business locations, equipment, and resources with sensors.

Smart Agriculture

Keep crops thriving wherever you are with irrigation, smart utility, lift pumps and remote stations.


Manage, monitor, and control your government or municipality's water/wastewater services with a complete end-to-end SCADA solution.

Let Us Tailor Solutions to Fit Your Unique Business Needs

As your company grows, you need next-level solutions backed by a network that goes wherever your business takes you. Our team understands technology like the Internet of Things (loT), and can show you how to harness it to gain visibility and control over your operations. That way, you can do more, save more and earn more.

Phones & Devices

Come in and let our professionals help you select the best phones and tablets that will work for your business. Let us help you make the right choice by analyzing your business needs. What will your employees need for devices? Some may need smartphones and others may only need a flip phone. Will some need tablets or a mobile hotspot? Give us a call to set up an appointment and let one of our agents assist you in selecting the right products and plans for your needs. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on your business.