Phones, Tablets & Accessories

Whether you’re a consumer looking for a new phone, tablet or accessory, or a business looking for cellular devices to make your communications better we have the products for you. You’ll find the following cellular items in our store and more...

  • Cellular Phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, ZTE, and Kyocera.
  • Tablets from Apple, Samsung, LG, and ZTE.
  • Accessories including cases, protectors, chargers, headphones, speakers, and bluetooth products.

High Speed Internet Plans & Products

U.S. Cellular is the best choice for your high-speed internet needs. Stay connected while surfing the internet, downloading videos and movies while working all at the same time. Why should you switch to U.S. Cellular for your internet?

  • Reliable Service
  • Easy Setup
  • Not Data Overage Fees
  • Affordable Pricing

Let us help you select the plan for your household and a D-Link 4G router. With our mobile hotspot you can bring high-speed internet connectivity wherever you go.

Ask About Current Offers and Start Saving Today

Our cellular agents are ready to tell you about the current offers from U.S. Cellular and explain them in detail. No surprise fees, no unanswered questions, and most importantly you’ll end up with the best product and plan for your cellular needs and budget. Stop in today and let us make you a satisfied customer.